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Сара отказалась от роли в диарее

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Эти комики предлагали ей роль вампирши :rolleyes:

PW: Obviously you'll hear this week -- are you feeling optimistic?
Kevin: I am. I was just reading that “The Ringer” was picked up by The CW ... which is funny because when Julie and I were trying to get Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Rose.
PW: Really?
Kevin: Oh yea. Originally me and my pipe dreams – the ones that led me to tell you I wanted Taylor Swift for Lexi – had us trying to get Sarah Michelle Gellar for Rose. She was very appreciative but just said no. She was the only stunt casting we’d have ever agreed to [laughs].


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CW представит свой новый сериал на презентации в этот четверг, 19 мая, в 19.00 по московскому времени.


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Ringer выйдет в эфир

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Но не на CBS, а на CW :goodgirl:

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer' To Get Picked Up By CW
Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to primetime as her CBS pilot Ringer is being picked up to series. But in a surprising twist, the series is going NOT to CBS but to its sibling CW. With its serialized nature and young skew, Ringer is probably better suited for the CW. It brings back Gellar to the network that replaced the WB and UPN, the two weblets that aired her breakout series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It also gives CW a major star that has huge following in the network's 18-34 demographic. The acquisition marks a pretty inventive first programming move by new CW president Mark Pedowitz, who was brought in to shake things up at the network. CW is now working with the producers to make the economics of the transition work. CW has explored taking over CBS projects before, including pilot Ultra and series Moonlighting though neither of those happened.
UPDATE: I hear ABC Studios, which co-produced the pilot for Ringer with CBS Studios, is pulling out, citing that it cannot produce a series for the economics of the CW. This is ironic, as CW's new president Mark Pedowitz is the former head of ABC Studios. Under him, ABC Studios produced the CW series Reaper.

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Out for a meal at Babalu in Santa Monica with Charlotte & Freddie - 12 мая 2011 года

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Еще одно интервью


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Еще фотге с книгочтения :yes:


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-Отдай книжку, тётя!

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Крайнее сарино интервью. О книгах, Шарлотте и закрытии AMC :yes:

Sarah Michelle Gellar wants you to watch her on TV and in the movies, but she's just as passionate about getting kids to read. That's why earlier this week, the actress spent time reading to children at the Los Angeles Public Library's historic Central Library, as part of the Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program. Keep clicking as we chat with Sarah Michelle about her daughter Charlotte's favorite books and more. Plus, find out what this "All My Children" alum thinks of the show's demise.

On her favorite kinds of books:

"I love books so much, people expect me to be a book snob, and I'm not. I'll read anything. I love biographies. I love fiction. I love classics. I'll pretty much read anything, except I'm not a big romance novel person. I can do Jodi Picoult, I can go there. My next book on my list I want to finish is Audrey Niffenegger, Her Fearful Symmetry."

On her all-time favorite book:

"I do love Time Traveler's Wife, which I guess kind of is a romance novel, in a sense. I love Shadow on the Wind. I love Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You'll Go! And I gotta say, I love me some Valley of the Dolls."

On reading with her daughter, Charlotte:

"We spend a lot of time reading. We read in the morning when she wakes up. She'll usually bring me a book, and we have a thing where she's only allowed one book at a time. So she knows if she wants to change books, she has to take the book, put it away, and bring out the other one. So we usually read one or two in the morning, when she's getting up, and throughout the day she likes to pretend and read to herself, and then I read to her before her nap, and we always read at night."

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Santa Monica with Charlotte - 11 мая 2011 года

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Шарлотта-то уже в школу ходит, в 1,5 года. Совсем уж с ума посходили :rolleyes:

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The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program, 10 мая 2010 года

Вчера Сара приняла участие в очередной благотворительной акции. На сей раз - The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program, направленной на развитие детского чтения вообще и летнего, в частности. В рамках акции, Сара читала американским детям книжки в здании лос-анжелесской публичной библиотеки.

Как мать говорю и как женщина Как мать и заядлый книголюб, я очень рада принять участие в этой программе,- сказала Сара Мишель Геллар. Чтение оказало огромное положительное влияние на мою жизнь и я призываю людей поддерживать подобные начинания, чтобы пробудить в детях жажду знаний и разбудить их воображение.

+ видео

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По слухам, CBS не в восторге от пилота :news:

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Интервью по поводу зомби-сиквела Call of Duty
В конце небольшой отрывок работы над озвучкой.
Такое впечатление что ей это на фиг не нужно было :hmm:

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Крис Кляйн-то, оказывается, дружит с Гелларами :yes: Отсюда и сарины фотге с его бывшей бабой.

Chris Klein, sharing dinner with dear friends Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar and their daughter Charlotte in Santa Monica, Calif. "They seemed to be catching up over dinner," an onlooker tells us, and "having a great time."

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Секрет счастливой семейной жизни :yes:

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Сара и зомби-2

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Сара и зомби

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Картинка для привлечения внимания

Кампания Treyarch выпускает новый пакет карт для Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ - Escalation. Четверка суперзлодеев супергероев (Дэнни Трехо, Сара Мишель Геллар, Роберт Энглунд и Майкл Рукер) будет истреблять советских зомби на покрытом льдом сибирском острове.

:facepalm: :facepalm2: :facepalm3:

ЗЫ. Зомби - это новые вампиры :facepalm:

ЗЗЫ. И эта туда же :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:


Рекламный ролик на ютубе:

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Кто-то получил автограф :yes:

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Розовый тилифон! аняня пичалька :buh:

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Leaving a medical centre, Beverly Hills, 11 апреля 2011 года

Штанцы какие-то жуткие :rolleyes: Что у вас за манера, у женщинов, всякую гадость на себя надевать? :rolleyes:

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